Friday, February 27, 2009


Well -it is after midnight (12:17 AM) so officially Friday- week-end...
I have survived a busy week and looking forward to the week-end.
Wednesday night was church and Carson went with me. He had fun and enjoys his Wed. nights so much. He spent the night and I took him to school this morning. I picked Griff up yesterday and we had excitement.. ha!! I gave him a bath and lets just say- he had us all laughing and gagging... Carson went to get his diaper when I took him out of the tub and I went to get his PJ's. Suddenly I hear Carson saying.. NANA.. come here.......!! Griff had used the bathroom in the kitchen floor.. Danny grabs Griff- Carson gets the wipes for me and I think we were all 3 gagging... By the time I get to Bible Study I was exhausted... (never a dull moment)
Today I picked up Carson from school and got him ready for opening performance of AMT Musical. They have performances this all week-end and next Fri/Sat. so Carson will be exhausted. Tonight Kristen and Josh took him for opening night and I kept Griff at their house.Carson is with his dad this week-end and they will take him but I plan to go on Saturday to watch it. Kristen videos his part and showed it to me when they got home tonight. I can't wait to go watch it. Alot of work goes in to these performances and it is truly something else our little "small town school" puts 100% into.
Well, going to catch a few hours of sleep as I have to work tomorrow. We did find out today our portion of our contract at work officially ends on Tuesday of next week. I do hate to loose contact with so many I have worked with for the past 6 years but I know it is meant to be. I pray when one door closes another opens. And I do hope everyone finds a job that they like and we do all keep in touch. I plan to enjoy the grandkids for at least a few months. I have always worked and look forward to trying to enjoy some time off to spend with the kidos for awhile. Life is to short and I realize I will never get this time back. Hopefully I will have some time to get lots done. ( and not glue to the computer!! ha!) My wishes would be....
1. Bible Study
2. Inside work
3. Clean my car
4. Walking more
5. Visiting (family and friends) and doing more for others..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another week-end almost over... : (

Well, it seems this week-end has flown by as they usually do. I am ready for another busy week.
Friday was exciting! After work I met friends and rode with them to a Sunday School get together. A group from the Brazilian Mission Team have been in town this week- they have spoken at church and had different things going on all week. But Friday night they cooked for our class! They cooked all kinds of "Brazilian" food. They enjoyed it and said it was only a small token of thanks for what the church does for them. I can only imagine the time they put into preparing the meal and I must say everyone enjoyed it. After the meal one of the ladies; Carla -gave her testimony. She was such a sweetheart and had us all in tears. Then Pastor Bob gave his testimony and then several from the group sang a song (in Portuguese) We had such a great time and the night flew by. We have so many resources in the U.S. and take so much for granted. This group is so appreciative of every little thing done for them and their goal is to lead others to Christ. Our Sunday School teacher today told us he took several of them to Lifeway on Friday and they were so excited - some Bibles were on sale for $10.00 and they just could not imagine! They said in Brazil it cost around $200.00 dollars for a Bible!!
Pray for the Brazilian Team and I hope they enjoy the remainder of their stay in the U.S. - I think they were going to Texas after they leave. I know many of them are missing family but feel led to be here.
Saturday (and today) I got to enjoy my "grand kids" I kept Griff Saturday morning for Kristen to do some shopping. Then that afternoon I took Carson to the movies in Cullman. We had a good time, as usual. He keeps a smile on my face every time I am with the stinker.
Saturday night I went and met with my Bunko group and had a good night of Bunko. And for the first time EVER.... I did great!!! I have been playing with them on and off a couple of years and by far- this was the best night I have ever had playing!! I won a big beach bag that had Bunko Babe on it.... cute !! And I can't wait to use it.
(Jessica is in the process of booking a weeks vacation for July to the beach - yea!!)
Today I went to church (and took Carson) and afterwards- I went to Jessica's and saw Miss Halle Grace. I gave her a bath, fed her and loved on her for hours.She has changed so much in just 4 days. I miss her and wish I could see her more often.
I never mention Danny- because for the ones who know us.... we SELDOM are at the same place-at the same time... He usually goes to bed around 6 pm or 7 -as he gets up for work at 2 AM. His days off are Monday and Tuesday so on Monday nights is about the only night he is up. Right now he has a terrible cold and when he isn't at work- he seems to be in bed (or asleep in his chair!) Maybe one day he will get week-ends off but I doubt it for the near future.
I hope everyone has a good week. I am looking forward to it and glad I finally have gotten over this "cold" I think tomorrow is the only day I don't have plans so maybe I can rest up for the remainder of the week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brag time......

Well, another busy week is coming to an end. I just can't get everything done in a day, it seems. And if I don't update my blog every few days- I seem to forget so much I would love to post.........
Last night was church- Carson had fun (as usual) and I really enjoyed the Beth Moore session... It was great and exactly what I needed to hear right now. Speaking of Beth Moore- one of my best friends in the world got me the best birthday gift this year. .. ticket to a Beth Moore conference in Memphis ( in Oct.) I am so excited and can't wait! I went once in Birmingham and really enjoyed it. So- thanks so much Sydale.... I know we will have fun- and I thank you for being such a true, caring friend... Even though you are almost 1/2 my age- I look up to YOU and wish I could be the true, christian example you have become. I watched you grow up and I am very proud of you and hubby.. : )
I am missing me miss Halle Grace and can't wait to see her this week-end. I am pretty sure my job will be ending again soon and I will have more time to spend with her and I can't wait!! (to spend time with her -not for my job to end.. ha!)
I went and picked up Griff's first birthday pictures and Halle Grace's newborn pictures.... I would love to bore you by posting them all- but going to show a few at least..... They are so precious...

Monday, February 16, 2009


WOW! I have really been busy and slacking on my updates...
Last week was a tiring week and really made me realize how OLD I am getting.
Last week- I celebrated with the new baby-Halle Grace. She is a joy and changing daily. I had a virus for 12 hours -and felt so bad....... Then Carson and Kristen also got a virus. Friday at work it seemed everyone had a sore throat, a cold or some yucky bug. Friday I went home and went to bed and stayed in bed all day Saturday. Sunday morning I felt some better and Carson and I went to church. After church I went to see Halle Grace (and -oh yes- Jessica and Michael too.. ha!)It seems all she does is sleep right now. After I left I went by to see Griff and Carson. Griff just turned one and yet after seeing Halle -Griff looks so huge! It shows how fast they do grow up.
Today I finally did some laundry and cleaned alittle. Jess and Michael came up and took HG to get her first pictures made. She was not happy during pictures and I doubt they are to good- but can't wait to see them. Carson and I went with them to get them made- then we all went by Carson's -Mimi's to show off Halle Grace.
Back to work tomorrow and hopefully I will do better with updating "my blog"
I am looking forward to Wed. night -my Beth Moore bible study. It is going to be another busy week - but everyone who knows me- knows every week is like that "in my world"
Oh- and I almost forgot - tomorrow night- several of us are working at my friends restaurant- and we will be waiting tables!! This should be eventful... as I am sure no waitress... but -all tips will go to our Relay For Life team. We plan to do this once a month up until Relay (April) - I love Relay For Life and hope we do good!
In the fear of the LORD there is strong confidence, and his children will have refuge. - Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Verse of the day!

How appropriate is this?
For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Halle Grace McCrary
born Feb 7 - weighing 8 lb. 8 oz.
Perfect and precious..... We are all so in love with her!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My hometown....

I started to post this a couple of weeks ago ( a few days after the clip was made) but since the Arabian they spoke to is one of my very closest friends- she ask me not to. She was embarrassed by the interview. I am proud to be from my small hometown of Arab. I am proud to be a christian and a person who loves my friends and family. So many people live in such a fast pace they don't have the chance to put the things that matter most first....
Life is short and I don't think I am wrong for wanting to spend each day close to what matters most to me.
Check out this clip..

3 AM Friday and I can't sleep.. hmmm......... wonder why?

Well, it is 3 AM and I have tossed all night so decided I may as well just get up. I have to be at work at 7 AM and I am sure about 5 AM I will get sleepy and could sleep the entire day... but right now I am wide awake!!!
I am super pumped up just knowing Halle Grace will be here tomorrow!! Michael had to work tonight and Jessica came and spent the night with us as she has a Dr. appointment in the morning (or this morning.. ha) So my first born is sleeping away in her old bedroom. It seems like not so long ago I was having her and here she is about to be a mommy!!
I haven't mentioned that she is being induced on MY 51st birthday. It will be cool to share a birthday with what I know will become the number 1 "girl" in my life. Last year was my Big 50 and my girls and best friends surprised me with a birthday meal and party.... If anyone had said a year from now Jessica and Michael will be having a baby- no doubt I would have said "yeah right". But God is good and I could not ask for a better gift!

Here are some pictures from last birthday. I wish I had gotten pictures of all the friends who came and made this such a memorable day for me.. (and who took the time to decorate,etc... boy.. they did it up right!!!)

I am so fortunate to have such good and caring friends.. I am blessed.. : )

Me and all the grandkids (last Feb. 7) 5 boys!!!!

"Instill great values in your children today and your grandchildren will prosper tomorrow"

Hopefully on my next post I will have new pictures of our princess... I haven't even seen or held her and I love her already. Pray for us all Saturday especially. I will update as soon as I can.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Exciting day!!!!!!!!!

Well, I was at work today -bright and early @ 6:30 AM. Jessica had a Dr. appointment and Michael was working- I had told her when she made the appointments for Feb. that I would go with her ( when I was off work- and had nooooooo idea I would be back at work the day of her appointments!) Anyway, I decided to go ahead and make up my time at work and go to her appointment with her. Today they did an ultrasound, measurements, etc. and said miss Halle Grace weighs approx. 8 lb. 2. oz!! (and not due until Feb. 20) Jessica's blood pressure was high and a few other issues so her Dr. decides to induce her this Saturday morning!!! We were super excited and can not wait to see the little missy!!!
SO - please pray for Jess to have an easy delivery and a healthy baby. ( and hopefully they are wrong about her size!!) Anyone who knows Jessica -knows she is not a good patient so pray for Michael, myself, Kristen and good friend Andrea who all plan to be in for delivery.(ha) Carson is sick and hopefully he will be well by Saturday as he intends to be at the hospital after she is born to see his new little girl cousin. Griff is to little to have a clue -but in a couple of years I hope Halle Grace and Griff are best of friends.
Here is a picture of Halle Grace - and one of Michael and Jess. I can not wait to post more pictures of her (hopefully on Sunday) Jessica has hair bows packed for the hospital so maybe she will have hair to put them in.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I can only imagine how many people are glued to the TV today to watch the Super Bowl. I have never been real big on watching football - can take it or leave it, but the commercials I still find entertaining.
Mr Griff spent the night with me last night and I got so many kisses and hugs. He is the most loving little one and I realize I better enjoy this while I can as they grow up so quick!
Dustin brought Carson to meet me for Sunday school this morning and I am so glad. I am thankful that Carson likes church enough to choose to get up and have them to bring him (when sleeping in would have been so easy ) Carson has a yucky cold now too and I hope he is able to go to school on Monday.
I scanned Christmas pictures of the boys this year and even though it is now February- I am posting these pictures. We actually got a good one of Griff when he and Carson saw Santa in the mall but this one is so funny I have to share.
Griff's first picture with Santa shows exactly what "fear " he had!!!

Also- here is a picture of Noah and Nick - my active -atheletes of our gang!
I will post a picture of brother Marhsall soon. The 3 of them are brothers and keep us on our toes!