Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, I am really behind as usual... My blog is suppose to just be my place to benefit my family and true friends on what is going on in my life. One of my friends granny kept a diary for years..... It was more of a journal but she wrote in it daily and kept it beside her phone. She would put everything from the weather, birthdays, Dr appts, and Bible verses... Her family treasures those journals and when she died they did not fight over her valuables but enjoyed dividing her journals. She was a wonderful person and I would only hope my family had such memories of me.
I am again behind on what has been going on in my life. I hopefully will update again soon but for now.. just to let you know I am still alive (Thank you God!!)
My greatest treasures are my grandkids and I have enjoyed them so much in the last few weeks. Last night I had Griff and tonight Nick is spending the night. Today I had Marshall and Noah as well. I also took my mother in law to have her chemo treatment in Decatur and to another appointment. From a day of smiles and happy memories with grandkids to a sad surrounding of sick, drained cancer patients. Each one with his/her own story and all I could do was listen and talk to them.
Tomorrow I am going to Carson's Christmas party at school and he is so excited! They will be out of school for over two weeks and it seems like a long break to him right now. However it will swiftly pass him by.. just as life does.
This year has flown and I thank God for another year... Hopefully I will catch up soon...

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  1. How wonderful that your friend's Granny kept a diary! Oh, how I wish my Granny had done the same.