Saturday, December 19, 2009


It is beginning to look alot like Christmas! All of the kids are super excited as they get a long break from school to celebrate Christmas. Tomorrow we are going to my nieces for our first family get together and I am excited. There will be close to twenty of us which includes two additions from last Christmas. The kids are so cute and will be fun to get them together.
I know I am wrong and I really try to do better but for me Christmas just isn't what it use to be. I do love getting everyone together and try so hard to help create traditions and memories for the grandkids. Our house burned a few years ago two days before Christmas and since then I have not even put up a big Christmas tree. That year all of my gifts were smoked and ruined, my tree was burned up and I spent Christmas in the Jamison Inn. We stayed there for almost a week and in a bed and breakfast until Easter week-end while our house was redone. It still makes me sick if I allow myself to think about it and I choose to try to block it out pretty much. I do realize how fortunate we were and how much worse things could have been. And I do thank God nothing tragic happened form that but it still makes me sick when I think about it... Despite this I am looking forward to family and friends and try to slow down long enough to be thankful for the true meaning of Christmas.
Monday I am having lunch with 10-12 people I graduated with and look forward to this visit. It will be short and everyone will have things to do afterwards but I am thankful to still have contact with several classmates.. Gosh I am getting old!!!


  1. I had no idea that y'all lost your home. I am truly so very sorry! Thankfully no one was injured. I know that was a heartache and a headache. I had a good friend that lost her house and her pets due to a house fire. I saw first hand what a tragedy it was for her and her family. I am so sorry. I do hope that you and your family have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I have kept you close in prayer after your fall. I hope you are feeling better!!!

  2. Pam - We stayed at the good ole Jameson Inn after our hourse burned. For like 3 weeks until we found a place that let us rent with a dog. Everytime a bad storm and lighting comes I am freaking out. So I understand. But, things can be replaced people can not. Hope you have a great week and Worderful Christmas