Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, we survived Christmas and I am looking forward to a new year.. There are so many things I plan for the upcoming year. You just never know what lies ahead!
We went to Jessica's on Christmas Eve and had brunch and opened gifts. Everyone happened to be off work and since Danny worked Christmas Day we celebrated early. It was so much fun to watch Griff and Halle Grace open gifts this year. Griff will be two in January so this year he was so cute opening gifts! He would open one and say"WOW" or " oh look!" Halle Grace would just as soon to have played with the ribbon and paper but she sure made some cute pictures. This was her first Christmas and we had to catch some good pictures.
On Christmas morning Danny worked so I got up and went to see Carson and Griff's Santa stash. They both had so much fun and were excited! Naturally Carson was glued to his Wii trying out some of his new games. Griff was playing for a few minutes with each gift and throwing it down to look at something else. I left there and went to Michael and Jessica's and played with Halle Grace!
Noah,Nick, Marshall, Danna and Jerry were on the go to so many different places. They also went to Mississippi to Jerry's aunts so we will actually be getting together with them tomorrow after church. Those boys get so much as they have so many people buying for them.
Danny's mom has breast cancer (which has spread to her spine and brain) so Christmas was very sad for her. She did not feel up to visiting or doing anything with the grandkds this year. She really is having a tough time right now and I pray for her to not hurt so much and for the family to be at peace over making difficult decisions. I am suppose to take her to her orthopedics doctor on Monday. She also has chemo on Wed.and I sure hope she feels better and is strong enough for her appointments this week. It is going to be a tough time for everyone as she lives alone and she does not want to give in and leave her home.
I enjoyed visiting with some classmates last week. We plan to have another get together soon and hopefully even more can attend. It is so hard to imagine that I have been out of school so long. We all had fun and many stories from school were exchanged.
I love Facebook and seeing everyone Christmas pictures. Being "old" (per my grandkids..) I refused for years to get on facebook. However once I did - I am amazed at how many classmates and friends I have reconnected with!It is fun to see pictures and keep up with friends children and what is going on in their lives.

I am still in constant pain from my fall three weeks ago. My knee is still so very swollen and I am in constant pain. I hurt my arm, head, finger, leg and knee. I realize I am so fortunate it was not much worse (considering I fell about 10 feet to the cement garage) I had 6 stitches on my head and oh how much worse it could have been. I have concluded my climbing in attics is all over. I really think this is the worst accident I have ever had and being that I am 51 I am blessed. If I don't see a very big improvement by next week I am going to break down and go back to the doctor to see if I have messed up something in my leg. Hopefully it will start improving but it sure has been a slow go with it so far... I have tried to keep it elevated, heat on it and taken Ibuprofen for the past4 days but had very little relief.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!

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  1. I didn't realize you were in constant pain from the accident, Pam. You seemed to bubble over with happiness when I saw you on the 21st. I'm sorry you are in pain and hope you'll go back to the doctor.