Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Well- I have been on a "blog vacation" it seems.. (Again) Alot going on and I just haven't taken the time to blog it seems.I have still checked in daily with my "blog friends" but haven't taken the time to write. I have gotten hooked on facebook games, been reading a book ( I seldom read) and working on Bible School things in what spare time I have. I have been keeping grandkids and been on the go!! This should be another busy week. It is the last week of school for Carson, Nick,Noah and Marshall.. as well as Jessica (who teaches!) I think she is more excited to be out than any of the boys are.
I am going to post a few pictures of some things that have been going on in the past week and a half.

Mother's Day-

One of my Mother's day gifts.... my favorite! It has all three of their handprints on it.... ahhhhhhhhhh.........

Keeping Halle Grace - she loovessssssss her blankets and will not sleep without them! (and I love this...)

This is just part of our morning walking group. We all try to go do something about once every couple of weeks. Last week we went to Wendy's and hung out by her pond/pool for awhile. Here are a few pictures. Her yard is so pretty- she works out in it alot.

Carson has been really sick with a viral infection. He went back to school for field day and here are a couple pictures from that also. They all had a fun morning!

My best friend Connie and her husband were going to a little thing with animals at it and invited me to take the boys last week. Danny was at work- (he misses alot of things with the kids!) Anyway- Griff loved the animals! Here are a couple pictures of him . (Carson was not crazy over this trip... He had rather have been playing his games.. ha!)

Sunday was Danny's family reunion and all of our kids got to go (which is unusual) We went to Sunday School since Danny was off (which is unusual too..) It was a rainy day but all of the kids had fun being together. Danny was thrilled to get to show off Griff and Halle Grace (since most of his cousins, aunts and uncles had never seen either of them)
After the reunion Danny and I took Carson and Noah with us to decoration where my grandparents are buried. Then on the way home we went by Pet Depot and to the Dairy Queen. Noah went to Kristen's for awhile to play with Carson and then they all came back to our house and played games. I had told the boys we would camp out in the tent possibly last night- but it was muddy and rainy so we put that on hold for a couple of weeks. They all have so much fun when they get together.
Today Danny took Marshall to a Memorial Day event in Guntersville, Kristen's family went to a BUGS event in Huntsville. I enjoyed a lazy day at home. Marshall came back and spent the day with us. Danny and Marshall watched movies and I read.Even though I am not working right now- I hate for the long week-end to end.
I have another busy week ahead. I am keeping Halle Grace a couple of days, going to a couple of events at the boys schools and going to walk some with the girls. A couple of the girls have taken jobs and it is sad to know we can't all be together. We have really enjoyed the time we have had.
Enjoy your week... Lots going on for me - keep us all in your prayers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well- it seems to have rained for 40 days or nights straight..... I am so ready for pretty, warm weather and no rain for awhile. The weather forecast looks promising for the next few days....

First of all- blogging can be addicting- although very few of my friends have I really gotten to love it as much as I do. I have several "blog friends" that even thought I don't daily post- I always check on their blog and get updates almost daily. It is addicting and you feel such a bond to these families and what they are going through. On a sad note-my heart broke as I learned this morning that baby Kayleigh went to Jesus last night after a courageous, but much too short, life. Please wrap your loving arms around this family as they mourn their amazing daughter's passing? I have read the blog on Kayleigh since she was born and it breaks my heart. But now this little angel will no longer hurt or have surgeries... she is in the arms of Jesus...

I had a good week-end. Friday I went and watched Special Olympics. Jessica teaches Special Ed. and I went and watched these kids. It was so touching to see them participate and the smiles on their faces.... I loved it! We should all slow down and not take things for granted! Here are just a couple of pics...

Sunday I had an awesome Mother's Day.Danny worked and then went to visit his mom -and I took Carson to church. After church we all met for lunch and I got to spend time with my girls and their families. They got me the sweetest gift - will post pictures of it (once I download em)

Saturday was one of my very best friends ( Connie) birthday - she turned 50! We had her a little birthday party, meal... Connie is one of those friends who I can honestly say I could call on at any time- and she would come running. I value her friendship more than she can EVER know. And I hope we are both around along time.

I got up this morning and went and picked up Carson and Griff and took them to school/daycare. I went and walked with my "walking buds" and since I am up and out anyway- sometimes decide to go get the boys and take them- such an extra touch to start my day!

Going to meet Michael is another hour to get Halle Grace for the afternoon. I hope she doesn't have "a colicky" day and look forward to seeing the little miss.

Opps.. forgot to mention- last Thursday I had the kids and took them to the park. Jessica met me and picked up HG- but had to include a picture of her from earlier...

Noah and Nick have a ballgame tonight-hopefully they will win- or at least play good... Updates soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another week has flown by.........

Well, it is already Thursday and where has the week gone?
Last night I took Carson to church and I went to my Bible Study. We had an awesome study and as tired as I was before going- I was glad I went.
Today I kept Halle Grace again. I went and met Jessica at the school where she teaches and took her back home with me. She had an awesome day and I was sooooo glad! The day seemed to fly by and it was soon time to take her back to her mommy. I went and picked up both Carson and Griff and I took all 3 little ones to the walking trail in Guntersville. (Which is right in front of the school) Jessica has a short meeting after school so we sat at the picnic tables till she got out. After she left I took the boys to the playground and we also fed the ducks and went down to the lake for awhile. It has rained so much and was so muddy but we had a good time. Carson begged to take them back one day soon so they can play even longer.
I made a few pictures but haven't downloaded them yet - hopefully I can add them soon.
Tomorrow Jessica has Special Olympics and I plan to go and watch and possibly help them out some. If I could do anything it would be to work with kids with disabilities ( or maybe St. Judes) Anyway- Jessica teaches Special Ed. and is very passionate about her job and students. I have always taken an interest in this and look forward to Special Olympics tomorrow. I plan to make pictures and will update hopefully over the week-end.
I have another busy week-end and hope it finally is sunny again.
Carson has missed church for 2 weeks and ask me yesterday- if I was sure he would finally get to go back to church and how many more days. It makes me happy to know he loves it so- and I hope he continues to look forward to church.

Proverbs 22:6 (King James Version)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I know I don't have alot of control over things but I do feel I will never regret taking him to church. When HG and Griff get older I hope I have the opportunity to have them involved in church and I hope they enjoy it as much as Carson does now.

Oh and tonight my nephew, Corey graduated (again) He will officially be a Physical Therapist and has worked so hard to achieve this goal. I am so proud of him and know he is ready to finally start getting paid for the work he does! Corey and Lindsey have the new baby (Myles) and Lindsey is a PTA ( Physical Therapy Assistant) She will be going back to work soon also- but hopefully only part time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This is my first time to do the "Not Me Monday" and I doubt I do it often but here are a few for today.

Jessica did not have to go to work this morning and I did not get up and drive to meet her and pick up Halle Grace. I didn't then go pick up Carson and take him to school...
Then H.G. did not have her "tummy issues" and cry probably 3 hours today.. Then I didn't load her up- go pick up Carson from school, take Carson to the orthodonist, go pick up Griff -and bring them all 3 home. Danny and I didn't swap up bouncing H.G. while the other played with Griff on the swing set. And I didn't make Carson do 3 pages of homework, feed the boys McDonald's, give them all 3 a bath before Kristen got home at 6 pm.
And I am sure not going to be glad when HG outgrows this "colic" No- not me.....
Poor, poor baby (and poor, poor parents!) I really did not almost cry several times today just because Halle Grace was.
Jessica did not seem to call 6 times to check on the baby today and everytime she called- the baby didn't happen to be crying at the top of her lungs.... She wasn't upset that she had to work today- and I sure wasn't wishing she wasn't working today!!!! Nah......
And No- I am not wondering why in the world I am glad I am not working now so I can watch the grandkids more...
I am not glad it is time to go to bed and I am sure not worn out from a busy day.. NO- not me!!!
Oh but I am sure not so in love with this "colicky" baby - and Mr. Carson and Griff. And I sure don't wonder how I ever lived before they came along..... Nah........
( But- oh I didn't just tell Kristen today to please consider having her tubes tied.. ha!) Nah- not me... : )