Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Friday!!

Well, I have survived my first week back at work and let me tell you it has been rough.I had gotten spoiled to being home and just helping with the grandkids everyday. Going back to work ( 9 hours a day at that) and helping with the kids has worn me out! Wednesday was another great week of Beth Moore ( Esther study) It is so interesting and if you have a chance to do this Bible study - I encourage you to do so. I am going to catch up on my homework for it later tonight and tomorrow night.

When I first started "blog following" the main blog I followed was Kelly Stamps. Kelly and her husband, Soctt had tried to conceive and had problems- when she finally became pregnant she kept track of her pregnancy on her blog. Each week she put a picture on of herself (and growing belly) Kelly always gave God the glory and I (and so many others) followed her pregnancy weekly. When her little miracle Harper Brown was born she has some problems and there is no telling how many tears were shed (or prayers sent up) for her family. I can't help but smile to see this precious family...

Griff has a stuffy nose and congestion and Kristen took him to the doctor today. Carson is spending the week-end with his dad, Mimi and Pops. Carson looks forward to Sundays and church. I am so proud he loves to go to church and I have the opportunity to take him. When Griff gets older I hope to get to take him as well.

Jessica goes back to the doctor on Tuesday. Halle Grace is due Feb. 20 so only a few weeks until we get to see her. Jessica is 31 and I prayed for years to be able to someday see her as a mother. I honestly never thought the day would come and I can not wait!! Here is a picture from her shower. ( with Kristen ,Jessica, Michaels mom and myself.

I am working on Saturday and hopefully enjoying the remainder of my week-end. I have some sewing to do for Jessica (for Halle Grace's nursery) I am sure once she is born I will have tons of pictures to show. : ) Can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I went back to work on Monday (I was off work for almost 4 weeks) Who knows how long it will be but it sure is an adjustment to get back in the swing of things.
The week-end was hectic- Saturday I took Carson to a birthday party. We also met Kristen, Griff and Josh for them to have some shots of the entire family (and Griff had his 1st birthday pictures made) Amber Black did his pictures and we can't wait to see them. Griff was hilarious!!
Sunday was his actual party and he devoured his entire little cake. It could have been on funniest home video's I am sure.. he honestly ate the entire cake!!!

My oldest , Jessica is due on Feb. 20 and went for her Dr. visit on Monday. She is moving right along -and goes back next Monday. Hopefully she will do good- keep them all in your prayers!
I am still into my Beth Moore Bible Study.... If anyone has a chance please study the book of Esther... It is really good and I am enjoying it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Griff and Carson one year ago!!

Boy how time flies... This is Carson and Griff just one year ago -the day after Griff was born. Carson was the happiest "big brother" and amazingly still is. They love each other so much and I hope they always feel the same.

Friday update!

I live a boring life I guess. Not alot going on with us -which in a way is a good thing!But I do have a busy week-end planned. Tomorrow my grandson -Carson has practice for a play at 9:30 am, Griff and Carson have pictures made @ 2pm, then I am taking Carson to a birthday party @ 3pm. I plan to meet my oldest daughter- Jessica after the birthday party. We are going to Babies -R - Us to swap a couple of her baby gifts for her upcoming little Halle Grace. Then Carson has a request to go to his favorite place- Shogun for dinner!
Sunday we have church and then Griff's birthday party is @ 2pm. It is his first birthday celebration and it is at their house with family and a few friends. I am making cupcakes for it. He got so much for Christmas- he really does NOT need more toys- but hey- you are only one once!! Hopefully I will have pictures by Monday.
Speaking of Monday- I got a call today and will be returning to work on Monday.I had worked for the same company for 6 years -it was on a government contract and we lost the bid for renewal so my job ended on Christmas day. ( nice gift for sure... not) Anyway- they called me back as a temporary (no benefits,etc.) and most likely only for a few weeks. I was really getting use to being home but it will happen again soon enough. I plan to have more time for the grand kids and hopefully enjoy the upcoming summer with them all!!! I have been fortunate to have that great job for 6 years but really some time for the kids will be nice.
I take Carson to church on Wednesday night and Sunday and when Griff gets older I hope to get to take him as well. I smiled this morning - as I was taking Carson to school - he picked up his Bible and was looking up the verse he had memorized Wednesday night. He also said he couldn't wait for 2 more days! I ask why- for Griff's parrty and he answered- no! Because I get to go back to church... It really made my day and I am so thankful to God that I get to take him and watch him grow in the Lord. When my girls were growing up I did not always take them to church. That would be one thing I would tell all parents that they should do- and would NEVER regret. As Proverbs 22:6 says- Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Everyone have a good week-end!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night Griff spent the night with me. His mom (Kristen) had surgery Friday and can't lift him yet. Being 12 months old- he doesn't understand that - so I have been helping out this week with him. Tonight I am taking Carson to church. Also, we have started a Beth Moore study on Esther and I am loving it. This is only our 2nd week but it is a great study... (and I loveeeeeeeee Beth Moore!)


Well, I have no clue what I am doing here.... but have gotten addicted to reading blogs and would never have a myspace or facebook page - so going to try this out. I am currently unemployed and going to give this a try. I stay busier now than when I worked it seems. I have 5 grandsons and finally a little princess on the way- due in February- and we all can't wait to meet this little one! Currently my life seems to revolve around the grand kids and I am so fortunate to have them so close......