Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spare the Rod....

Do not hold back discipline from the child, although you strike him with the rod, he will not die. - Proverbs 23:13
Well the above was the scripture of the day for me and I had to share... How appropriate!
I will post a bit about discipline as it was a topic at my house yesterday. Everyone can offer free advise on how they discipline children (or as most people who are NOT parents can say what they would do if that was their child..Amazingly the people without children seem to usually think they could write a book on discipline)
I have two biological children and as children they were as different as day and night. One I could tell to do something and that pretty much was all it took- she would do it. While the other would always have to ask why and give a defensive reason as to why not... It is now somewhat of a joke as to how I honestly think I spanked her most everyday until she was in junior high -and now I realize it was to the point it obviously did not help ....
I have five grandsons and one granddaughter. The older boys range from 9 to 13 and I have been a big part in raising them all. I could count on my fingers the number of spankings I have given to all five of these boys.Not that they are perfect but they do know the limit and not to push it.
But the youngest boy (will be two in January) already reminds me so much of my oldest and I think his parents are going to have a long road ahead in the discipline department. He is much like my oldest- I think he will be defensive and probably smile and do whatever it was that got him in trouble once again. I sure hope he proves me wrong...

Times have changed! I just took a child development class and now they don't even recommend "time out" in day cares. They say timeout should only be to give a child time to calm down- not as a punishment.I am sorry but I feel children should be punished for inappropriate behavior. I would never even attempt to spank a child other than my grandchildren- but I also could not keep a child and not try to discipline them. All goes back to the Bible....

I was raised in a very strict home life. I still feel my dad was a bit to strict on us but I can promise he had our respect and we were well behaved. I often wish he had been the parent of my oldest daughter - I think she would have still been a handful for him.... (ha!)

We were made to all sit at the table together for dinner while daddy talked to mother about what happened at work that day. She would talk about what happened at home and we could chime in if we had something to add about our day. We ate whatever food mother had prepared and had to drink our milk before we finished our meal. To this day I hate milk- however I blame being made to clean my plate the reason I still feel I should eat it all -and am overweight! ha!!

On the bright side-in my case- the child who was the most rebellious,got the spankings daily and always seemed to be grounded turned out to be the most dependable, thoughtful person I know. She now teaches junior high school and I can promise has complete control of that class everyday. She is the mother of my youngest grandchild (and only girl) and heaven knows I hope her daughter has alot of her traits. But I still hope her strong will is not one of the traits she inherits.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well only one week-end left in October! Where has this year gone? So much has happened in the past few months -some good, some bad. However I realize things could be much worse. And I do thank God for my blessings...
Last week Jessica was on fall break and I got to spend alot of time with her and Halle Grace. Friday we spent the whole day shopping and running errands. I am no longer much on shopping all day, however I enjoyed spending time with them both.

I have five grandsons and not a one of them enjoys spending the day shopping with me. Now if the day is about them and includes a movie, going to eat or a sports outing they would love to go, however, not shopping all day. It seems Halle Grace is going to be her mothers clone as so far she has been the perfect child when we are out and about shopping. She will go from store to store and so far never been a minutes trouble. I can not wait until she is a few years older as I have waited so long to shop and buy for a little girl~

Griffin has a stomach virus and I sure hope the rest of the family does not get it. Kristen has always been a germ free nut and has been going around with her germ-x and Lysol. I am the worlds worst to pick up a virus so I have stayed clear of them and plan to for a few days if possible.Poor Griff -he has been on liquids and meds for two days now. Kisses and prayers for him.

Back to October coming to an end - as everyone knows October is known for Breast Cancer Awareness month. My mother in law has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I will be taking her on Tuesday back to the doctor to review her options as for treatments. Through facebook I have found one of my closest friends from high school is a breast cancer survivor and she and I have spoken about this a few times. As she stated - The patient is his or her own best advocate. I hope we make the right choices for treatment plans.
Also, last week my three oldest grandsons- Mamaw; found out she has breast cancer. She goes next week to discuss her options.Prayers going up for Wanda. She is the best Mamaw (next to me, of course.. he,hee)and those grandsons have really been upset over the thoughts of their world being out of sync with Mamaw being sick.
I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was only twenty three (and she was fifty) So many things that happen day to day- I have so many times wished my mother was here to be a part of.
I am very involved with American Cancer Society and would love to see a cure for cancer. Research has made it possible for many improvements in the past 25 years.

Noah and Nick finished their last travel league peewee football game today. Next year they will probably play Jr. High football. It is bittersweet that they are growing up so fast.
Kudoo's for Marshall as well- he got 2nd place last week in his cross country meet in Scottsboro.. Go Marsahll!
While I am mentioning all of the grandkids- let me add that Carson won first place out of the whole third grade in a pumpkin creating contest. Pumpkins were handed out to each child in the school and directions were for them to design a pumpkin and return it to school. Carson chose to make a penguin out of his and it ended up cute. Will ladd pictures soon. Carson is one of the shyest kids I have ever known and he said when they called his name out as a winner he was embarrassed... It really is amazing how different children can be!

Back to watching football and then reading my Sunday School lesson. It has been a "different" week for me and parts of it I really can't share on here. But my Sunday School lesson last week was one that I feel helped me through the week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

He who oppresses the poor to make more for himself or who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty. - Proverbs 22:16


Well, where has the week-end gone? Was a busy week-end as usual but ready to plunge into another week. Last week was fall break and it was either rainy or cold every day. I had boys almost every day and they had a blast playing together. I kept Griff out of daycare one day and he managed to stay on schedule (even took his long nap) He loves being with his big brother and constantly is hunting Carson!! Carson loves him so much too and I hope this bond only strengthens.
Jessica and Halle Grace spent two nights with us as Michael was working night shift and it is easier on her (and closer to her school) Halle is growing up - she is almost eight months old now- where has the time gone? I would love to keep her little as she may be the last baby in our family... (hopefully Jessica will have one more eventually)
Noah spent the night Thursday and we went to Huntsville and stayed with Carson on Friday. I took them to lunch and then they played on the Wii all afternoon. We had intended to all go to the Pumpkin Patch but it was sooooo cold- we decided against that. We picked Griff up from daycare and I took them to all pick out a pumpkin. Griff was precious and proudly picked his own little one. He was so excited and insisted on holding it while in his car seat all of the way home. I wish I had taken pictures but didn't even think till we got home. I did take a few pictures of the boys later and will post soon.
Jessica has fall break at her school this week and I think she is more excited than the boys were (when they were out last week) No doubt it will fly by too. I plan to go with her shopping today and look for a big girl car seat for HG. That carrier is to heavy with her in it now.
Noah and Nick play travel league football and Saturday was their last regular season game. We froze at the game and the boys played in the mud!!! ( Of course they liked that part of it) They won Saturday and will now get to go to the playoffs.
Marshall ran cross country Saturday in Scottsboro and actually placed 2nd overall.. Whooo -hooo.... Yea Marshall.... He was pumped up and excited as we all were!!
Danny gets up for work around 2 am and leaves at 3. Needless to say I was up this morning and now it is 5 am and I am going to try and nap for a about an hour.. We had planned to start back walking today so maybe one hour of sleep will help.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ah.. I have on excuse.. I have been such a slacker... I still read updates daily on other blogs.. but I just NEVER blog anymore. I would like to say I will do better but the truth is - I probably will not. Let me recap part of the past 2 months....
Carson's birthday was Sept. 2- we had his party at Space and Rocket Center.. fun,fun,fun... He had lots of friends and family attend and it was a hot day.

Nick and Noah are playing football and it has been a fun ear. Danny is helping coach the team and takes it wayyyyyyyyyy to serious....

Marshall is running cross country and his runs are usually on Saturday (same time as Noah and Nick's games) Of course everyone is going in different directions to take turns seeing them all.

Carson goes to his dads every other week now and we miss him terribly.

Griff loves his new daycare and is starting to talk in sentences and so much fun!He is so cute and has a funny personality..

Halle Grace started going to daycare in Guntersville and the place is awesome! However - since she started -every single week she has missed at least 1 or 2 days... She had a cold,, fever..always something.. Hopefully it will get better.
She is growing up so fast...

My friend Wanda had open heart surgery and they ended up doing triple bypass and they replaced a valve.Her heart in only functioning 20% and she needs our prayers. We have started going and walking in the mornings again at the soccer field/track.

My mother in law has breast cancer. She had surgery three weeks ago and will soon start both chemo and radiation. I have been helping take her back and forth to the doctors and it is going to be a long process I am afraid. Please pray for her and all of the family during this time. She lives by herself and it is going to be tough for awhile. The sad part- she had a mammogram back in January and was told everything was fine. She found this knot a few months back and by the time they did surgery it was advanced and in most of her lymph nodes. Her surgeon now says it had to have been there back in January but somehow got overlooked on the reading of her previous test. That all seems very freak but it is what it is and in God's hands..
October is breast cancer awareness month- so ladies please keep a check. You should always be your own advocate!! I lost my mom to breast cancer when she was only 50 and I am very active in ACS Relay For Life. This year my friend Judy and myself are co-chairs for the Survivors for our local Relay For Life. More to come on this soon.

Hopefully I wil update more often.. Will really try...

I am going to Memphis this week-end with Sydale and friends to a Beth Moore conference. I am excited and know it will be fun. The next few weeks alot is going on and I need this conference right now.

Love this fall weather.. HAPPY FALL YAWL..... and as Griff would say - tootles!