Monday, January 11, 2010

Warmer weather!

Well, I guess the cold weather was here for a reason, if nothing else it should make me appreciate the warmer weather once it really warms up. I have always hated cold weather. I don't like winter or the way it gets dark so early. It depresses me along with alot of other people. I hate my dry, pale winter skin. I hate always getting a cold and seeing snotty nosed babies. One of the few things I like about winter is Christmas and that winter is when Griffin and Halle Grace were born. Oh how I long for warm, sunny weather!!!!!!!!!!
Oh another note it is a new year and I really didn't make a resolution. (Every year that I remember making one I never stuck to it.) The resolutions I have made in past years that I can remember...
1. To loose weight - I probably started making this resolution when I was around 20 and weighed 130 pounds. I did lose weight that year but obviously have struggled with this forever... I now weigh almost 50 pounds more than I did when I made that resolution. ( Oh to only weigh 130 again.. sigh)
2. To be better at cleaning my house. This one has only gotten worse too. I use to blame it on working and having children but right now I do not work and my girls are grown and married. My house is messier than when the girls lived here..
3. To throw away clutter. That one I have never accomplished. The only time I had an uncluttered house was the year after our house burned. We started over and had very little in the house for about a year. Unfortunately it is once again cluttered. I am a packrat and guess that is one trait I inherited from my Ma-Ma. Needless to say I do not entertain alot. And once I am dead and gone I really think the kids will remember the fun things we have done (and not dwell on the cluttered house)
4. To not worry so much. Another one I have never been able to master. I know it is wrong to worry but I have spent so much of my life doing just that. Over the span of my lifetime, worrying accounts for hours and hours of invaluable time that I'll never get back. I even worry about "why do I worry" But if I haven't been able to change it is 51 years I can't see changing it now. I know God is in control and I agree to not sweat the small stuff but for me it is just easier to know these things than to do them.

Well for what I have started for the New Year and hope to continue to do :

1. I have started another Wed. night Beth Moore bible study and am doing my homework with it daily. Hopefully this will help me to be a better person. I hope to be more forgiving, more thoughtful and more motivated.
2. I invited a friend and her family to church and they are going! They went both Wed. night and yesterday and then thanked me for asking them. It was a great feeling and I vow to invite others. You know sometimes all it takes is someone making the step to invite someone. You just never know! I wish I could get both of my girls back in church and excited about it. (Prayers for this..)

I went to my doctor about the knee (from my fall-fell from attic to the cement garage) The Dr. ordered an MRI and then sent me (today) to an Orthopedics Physician. Thankfully it is only some nerve damage and inflammation to the bursa. He said to continue to keep ice on it and elevate it. It has been 5 weeks and really hard to keep it elevated. I am just ready for it to be well! It is extremely swollen and sore. I can see the pain is less tan it was but it is still very painful and I eat Ibuprofen it seems. The Dr. stressed how very fortunate I am to only have mild injuries from this 10 foot fall. He said he has a new patient who has some spinal cord damage from only falling 8 feet. Every time I think of how much worse this could have been I again get a sick feeling and thank God for how things turned out. I do have this ugly scar on my head but I can live with that.

This Saturday is Griff's second birthday. He got so very much for Christmas it is hard to come up with a thing to even get him. He loves to watch DVD's in the car so I will probably just get him a couple of those and some new clothes for spring.
Halle Grace will be one on February 7. ( which is also my birthday!)Her mommy is already planning something big for her first birthday.