Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving week!

Wow -has this year not flown by?? My week-end started out fun... Friday I went shopping then brought Griff home with me for a few hours..Saturday we took Halle Grace to get her first Santa picture made.. she was not afraid at all! After Santa picture we went and got pictures of Carson, Griff and Halle Grace together! Griff would not smile at all but hopefully we will get a few good shots from it.. : (
After pictures we all went and ate then I came home. A few hours later I began breaking out it hives all over! Itching terribly and it gradually got worse.. Saturday night was a very long night.... with no sleep. Finally at 7 am I called Connie and got her to take me to the ER. (Danny left for work 3 AM) Connie is always there for me... poor thing-I have drug her through so many things.... Anyway- we were at ER for 3 hours ! They concluded what assumed they would- an allergic reaction to who knows what... Gave me a couple of shots, a prescription of steroids and I was on my way... It has been a miserable 3 days but tonight I can say I feel much better. I have had two nights of little sleep,alot of itching and benadryl... I just hope it never happens again and can't imagine what caused it....
Tonight I went and worked on our Relay For Life Christmas float.. We had 3 men who did our construction tonight and it should really turn out nice!! Relay For Life's theme now is celebrate more birthdays! The parade theme is The Reason For The Season... So we decided to make a huge birthday cake and put Relay theme on the side of it... and a sign that says "Jesus Is the Reason For the Season". Tomorrow I am going to paint the cake and do signs for it... We are also going to use the cake for our Relay For Life in April.
Thanksgiving is Thursday and we are all going to daddys for dinner. I have so much to be thankful for.. but mainly- my family, friends, and health. I thank God everyday for all of these....
Friday I am going to Auburn with my sister and family plus Jess, Michael and Halle Grace. It is suppose to turn cold but I know we will have a blast!!!
Hope everyone has a good,safe Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have had an exciting two days! Jessica had a teachers conference in Nashville an Michael had to work do Danny and I have kept Halle Grace.. she is so funny and growing up much to fast.Halle is nine months old and doing some of the sweetest things. She can say several words but refuses to drink from a cup or feed herself. It is so funny! You can give her a sippy cup and she will lock those lips and refuse to drink from it. She can pick up the smallest little morsel she locates but refuses to put it in her mouth. She also will not drink juice! We have tried everything possible and she will not budge... I can tell she is going to be determined -so much like her mommy! Which Jessica was walking, and even talking in two or three word phrases at nine months! ( I know people laugh when I say she was talking good at nine months but I promise she was!!) Anyway- back to H.G. - she was such an angel for us...I was determined to have her drinking from her cup in these two days but H.G. had other ideas... I did teach her to patty cake and she cried for me which melts my heart! OH and one of the words she does say over and over -happens to be Nana! Melts my heart!!! Danny tried to teach her to say Pawpaw and we finally got her to say it a couple of times... she has his heart as well.... She may possibly be our last grandchild and I actually would like to keep her a baby for a long,long time.... AS Jessica said the other day- she read somewhere.... you never see a child start school with a bottle so we will not stress over the cup situation yet..!! : )
We took Danny's mom to have her port put in for her chemo. treatments. She then had her 2nd chemo treatment today. She has a long road ahead and it breaks my heart for her. Cancer is such a horrible disease and I so pray for a cure! I lost my mom when I was 23 and have lost so many friends and family members to it. Now my mother in law as well as my son in law; Jerry- his mom also has breast cancer. Prayers needed for them both...
Got a busy week-end and upcoming week ahead. Tomorrow I plan to go pick Griff up at daycare and bring to our house for a few hours.I miss the little stinker and seldom get to see him anymore... Saturday the kids are having Christmas pictures made. HG is also having Santa pictures -her first time to see Santa so it should be interesting! It doesn't matter if she cries I plan to purchase a picture of her seeing Santa for the first time!
Thanksgiving we will all go to my daddy's and then Friday is Iron Bowl- Alabama vs. Auburn... We are going to Auburn and I sure hope it isn't cold.... I also wish this game was Saturday instead of Friday- but oh well..... I am sure Bama will dominate but it still will be fun..
I am having problems with my pictures that I have downloaded - can't seem to load them to facebook or my blog... will work on it more soon...
Danny works at the airport and gets up in the mornings at 2 AM... I often find myself still up when he is leaving for work.... his days off are Wed. and Thursday -so tomorrow is his Monday.... So -goodnight.. going to hit the bed before he gets up to get ready fo his day....

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16

I have not blogged in awhile - life flies by so fast.... Here we are with November half over! When I was a child it seems all I wanted was to grow up and my mother use to tell me how I should enjoy being a kid and going to school. So funny- I told my girls the same thing and now find myself saying that to the grand kids....
I had a busy week-end. When I worked at fpmi I met some friends I now treasure. I worked there for almost seven years and alot of things happened in the seven years. I often trained new employees and one I trained was Ms. Courtney. Courtney was (And is) hilarious... She had met a guy and always referred to him as "my friend" Her friend- BJ was on a kidney donor list and took dialysis three times a week.Long story short- BJ finally got his call and had his transplant, he and Courtney became more than "friends" and this past Saturday they had a magical wedding.I was a hostess for their wedding and it was beautiful. I know Courtney's mom is looking down form heaven smiling that her little girl is so happy.
Today is November 16 and a birthday of one of my best friends from high school. She and I have so many good memories and she has such a good memory! I can barely remember yesterday but Sandra could probably remember what we both were wearing on any particular occasion. She was there for the birth of Jessica and always listened when I had a problem. I still have a couple of Christmas ornaments she made for the girls when they were young. I had a very strict daddy but Sandra's house is one place he let me go to often. Sandra and I have drifted apart several times in our lives but always seem to reconnect. I am proud to call San a friend and hope she has had an awesome birthday with many more to come!
Also yesterday we had a surprise 50th birthday party for my lifelong friend Anita... I made lots of pictures and will download those and add later.
Noah was sick today and out of school so he spent the day here with me. We watched TV, talked, laughed and hopefully he will be able to go back to school tomorrow.He and I have always had a special bond... I love him so much!! (as I do all of the 6 grand babies I am fortunate to have)